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  • Date: 1-12-2016, 09:05
1-12-2016, 09:05

Imos CAD CAM 3D V 12 Sentinel Hasp Dongle

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Designs of individual pieces of furniture and room planning in line with market requirements can be created in virtually no time and impressively presented. Details or complete part groups can be modified, immediately calculated or displayed according to every individual customer’s wish. At the touch of the button manufacturing lists and CNC data are available. The imos principle is easy and efficient: parts like panels, shelves, frames and fillings are designed from materials, coatings, edges and profiles and to assemble complete custom made furniture on the screen in 3D. Once created, no more manual step for machine manufacturing is necessary. Furthermore, imos also allows the free design of complicated geometry. This is the way to proceed today at a high level of technology.
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