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Metalix MBend 3.5.148

28-07-2015, 08:00. Author: vipsoft
Metalix MBend 3.5.148
Metalix MBend 3.5.148

MBend bending program is a comprehensive solution for CNC Press Brakes, facilitating bending of Sheet Metal Parts.

It loads an existing drawing, calculates bending sequence, suggests the tools and back stops to use, and produces the NC program.


Offline programming decreases machine down-time
Achieving reliable programs with fewer experts on-hand
Improved fabrication quality thanks to better production planning
Increased production avoiding costly errors, with Collision Detection
Integration with other Metalix products such ascncKad and MetalixUnfolder
User friendly

What does it do?

Imports parts as a 3D Model or as a 2D DXF
Allows Bend Sequence Selection
Enables Automatic Tool Selection
Allows Automatic Fingerstop Positioning
Runs 3D Bending Simulation with Collision Detection
Generates NC programs in native controller format (Delem, Cybelec, Amada, etc.)
Creates detailed Manufacturing Reports
MBend works with all press brake makes and models and with any controller.

3D simulation

MBend comes with real-time, automatic 3D Simulation, presenting you realistic visualisation of Bending process. The purpose of a simulation is to create an error-free job so that you can output the relevant NC codes or a Bending Report.

The simulation lets you check whether the part collides with the press brake, tool setups, finger-stops, or even with itself. It also checks whether the finger-stops collide with any of the tool setups, and whether the punches collide with the dies.

While simulating you can manipulate the display and see the process from the best angle possible.


Real-time animation
Realistic visualization of bending process
Dynamic collision analysis (e.g. backgauge movement)
Detection of collisions between all moving elements
Operator part handling
Program 100% correct