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GE MARS 7.2 Sentinel Dongle

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GE MARS 7.2 Sentinel Dongle
GE MARS 7.2 Sentinel Dongle
GE MARS 7.2 Sentinel Dongle
GE MARS 7.2 Sentinel Dongle
GE MARS 7.2 Sentinel Dongle
GE MARS 7.2 Sentinel Dongle

To help physicians combat the alarming incidence of sudden
cardiac death (SCD), two GE-exclusive algorithms are emerging as
erful cardiac risk stratification tools. Both provide additional
diac information – yet r
e no additional time, protocols
or electrodes.
The Marquette T-Wave Alternans analysis program precisely
detects fluctuations in the ECG waveform, identifying an often
missed pattern v
ariation that can indicate SCD risk
. The pr
of T-w
e alternans can help clinicians mak
e earlier tr
decisions, such as whether a defibrillator should be implanted.
And the Mar
quette Hear
t Rate T
urbulence analysis pr
measures and compares the heart rate before and after pre-
ventricular contractions. These comparisons are then used to
determine the status of a patient’s autonomic nervous system,
which is indicative of cardiac health – and thus, predictive for SCD.
Two breakthrough algorithms. Running simultaneously during
d ambulator
y ECG testing. Added to an already compre-
hensive toolset of trusted Marquette Holter analysis programs:
• EK-Pro

• Atrial Fibrillation Detection
• QT Interval Measurement

ST Segment Measurement
• Heart Rate Variability (HRV)
• Pacemaker Analysis
The r
esult is a wealth of detailed, accurate cardiac information.
For greater diagnostic confidence. And better decision support .
ou can’t beat that
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