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Metrolog XG 14

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Metrolog XG 14
Metrolog XG 14

Metrolog XG

Metrolog XG is a polyvalent 3D inspection software that fulfills today's needs in terms of 3D measuring and quality control. It has been developed by a team rich of 20 years of experience and features state-of-the-art technologies for quality control.

Provided as standard 3D software on various brands of CMMs.
Especially suited to retrofit any kind of CMMs, old or new.
Runs under Windows XP, Vista and Seven
Connects to all type of CMM, manual or CNC, using the standard Metrologic Group interfaces.
Built-in DMIS V4.00 engine (Dimensional Measuring Interface Specification).

Fully interactive 3D graphical interface.

Measuring of prismatic parts (algorithms certified by the P.T.B. and the N.I.S.T).

Measuring of free-form parts (surface points, edge points, sections, ...) related to any CAD system.

Input CAD file format:


Measuring of profiles and sections.

High speed Scanning and digitizing using SP 600
Graphical off-line programming module and virtual simulation.
Compensation of CMM geometry using 21 parameter error-mapping.
Statistical analysis module.
Powerful reporting capabilities: graphical, text or user-definable (see examples on the right).
Export of results in different format (DMIS, VDAFS, IGES, Excel, ...).
Available in 18 languages: English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Swedish, Portuguese, Czeck, Polish, Hungarian, Korean, Chinese, Japanese, Nederlands, Persian, Brasil, Rumanian and Russian.

New Interfaces for our 3D inspection software:

1/ LEICA TCPIP interface for Metrolog 3D inspection software:

Using EmScon protocol the tracker functionalities are directly accessible from MetrologXG
Utilization of T-Probe System
Utilization of T-SCAN System

2/ FARO Laser tracker Interface
3/ API Laser tracker Interface
4/ Nikon Laser Radar Interface
5/ Creaform Interface (C-Track - HandyProbe)

Our 3D inspection software range provide you the best way for quality measuring
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