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Carrier ComfortVIEW Sentinel Dongle

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Carrier ComfortVIEW  Sentinel Dongle
Carrier ComfortVIEW  Sentinel Dongle

ComfortVIEW (part number CEAS130420) is Carrier
Corporation's mid-range human interface to the Carrier
Comfort Network (CCN). ComfortVIEW provides the
tools for monitoring, configuring, and analyzing your
facility's daily HVAC operations.
The software is designed to run on a variety of micro-
computers utilizing either the Microsoft


or 98 operating system.
The following applications and features are included
with the standard ComfortVIEW product offering:
• Single Local/Single Remote CCN — Control and
monitoring of one locally-connected CCN and one
remote CCN, accessed by CCN Autodial Gateway,
TeLINK, NAM, or modem.
• Carrier Network Manager — This application, through
the use of branching tree structure displays (similar to
those in the Windows Explorer) shows you the CCNs,
areas, controllers, and tables that make up your
ComfortVIEW database.
• Alarm Manager — This application gives you the
ability to view and acknowledge incoming alarms,
regardless of the application that you have running on
your computer.
• Setup — You use this application to add, modify, and
delete ComfortVIEW operators, and to specify global
system-type parameters such as engineering units,
and time of day for automatic report data retrieval.
• Help — A full complement of Windows-style help is
included in the standard ComfortVIEW product.
The following applications and features are available
optionally, installed at the time of installation:
• Multiple Remote CCNs — Control and monitoring of
multiple remote CCNs, accessed by CCN Autodial
Gateway, TeLINK, NAM, or modem.
• WorkSPACE Manager — This application allows you
to create customized graphic displays of data and
save them as WorkSPACEs. You can also create
dynamic trend plots of data.
• Report Panel — This application gives you the ability
to create consumable, runtime, history, tenant billing,
and system activity reports.
• BEST++ — This application gives you access to
Carrier's Building Environmental System Translator
(BEST++) custom controller programming language.
ComfortVIEW provides an environment from which you
can easily perform the following tasks:
• Display dynamic data in both text and graphic modes
• Create dynamic trend plots of data from one or
multiple controllers
• View, print, and acknowledge alarms from the
• Configure operating parameters such as time
schedules, setpoints, and point configuration
• View and configure time and setpoint schedules in
graphic and tabular mode
• Downline load data to and upline load data from
• Override the state or value of selected input and
output points
• Verify active controllers
• Customize graphics and create custom links from
graphic to graphic
• Generate reports from system data and activity
• Create custom WorkSPACEs for each user
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