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  • Date: 31-10-2016, 10:49
31-10-2016, 10:49

Harlequin RYOBI Sentinel Dongle

Category: rip

Harlequin RYOBI Sentinel Dongle
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3Shape Implant Studio Dinkey Dongle

Category: Cad Cam

[center]3Shape Implant Studio Dinkey Dongle

3Shape Implant Studio®

Dental labs and practices use 3Shape Implant Studio® for prosthetic driven implant planning and surgical guide design. Implant Studio® introduces digital accuracy and predictability, while improving patient experience.

Implant Studio creates a simplified and predictable top-down digital workflow for implant procedures. It enables the digital planning of single to complex implant procedures by considering the esthetics and intended final restoration as well as the overall clinical situation. Professionals can also use Implant Studio to cost-effectively create, print and mill their own surgical drill guides.

Dentist, Dr. Philip Tan from Australia says, "Implant Studio 2016 improves on its already intuitive workflow by adding exciting new features as well as speeding up the entire implant procedure."

Implant Studio is unique in that it merges surface scans and CBCT (or CT) scans to provide a best-in-class plan based on virtual tooth setups and prosthetic driven implant planning. Delivering digital insight that enables dental professionals to consider all aspects of the implant treatment, including vertical dimensions, the restorative platform and available soft tissue.

For the restorative design and production workflow steps, Implant Studio data is fully integrated with 3Shape dental lab CAD/CAM design solution, Dental System™. And to create a totally digital implant procedure, professionals can input scan data directly from, for example, 3Shape TRIOS® intraoral scanner to Implant Studio.
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  • Date: 31-10-2016, 10:44
31-10-2016, 10:44

Cognex Vision Pro Hardlock Dongle

Category: custom

Cognex Vision Pro  Hardlock Dongle

Cognex offers complete vision solutions consisting of vision controllers, vision hardware, and vision software. Cognex Designer Vision Software recently has been introduced as Cognex's complete software environment to allow organizations to build 2D, 3D, and multi-camera vision software applications. As a result, important changes have been made for VisionPro software and how it is provided.

Beginning with the introduction of Cognex Designer software, Cognex Designer automatically includes the latest VisionPro software and capabilities. As a result, VisionPro is now offered together with Cognex Designer. This enables users to take advantage of the graphical capabilities of Cognex Designer with the vision tools of Vision Pro software.

If you are an existing VisionPro user, you will have the option to stay in the VisionPro software environment. Details are provided later on this page. However, we believe you will want to consider building new vision applications using the new Cognex Designer / VisionPro package. The development and maintenance efficiencies are significant in using the combination of graphical capabilities and PLC integration that Cognex Designer provides together with the vision tools provided by VisionPro.
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  • Date: 31-10-2016, 10:37
31-10-2016, 10:37

Cybermed OnDemand3D Hasp Dongle Full Modules

Category: custom

OnDemand3D™ is a complete imaging solution used by dentists, researchers, orthodontists and many others. It is a module-based software that allows DICOM data storage, access from anywhere in the world, and includes various customizable tools to help with diagnosis and treatment planning.
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Wonderware Intouch System Platform 2014 R2 FlexLm Dongle + License

Category: custom

About Wonderware InTouch

Wonderware InTouch is award-winning HMI visualization software that empowers customers to achieve their quest for operational excellence.

InTouch goes beyond simplistic graphics to enable application builders to focus on creating meaningful content that will drive enterprise-wide operations productivity and cost savings. InTouch empowers operators to optimize their routine human interactions with industrial automation systems. This results in a quantifiable net increase in operator effectiveness. Our unique approach through situational awareness libraries provides contextualized information that operators need to quickly and accurately address abnormal situations before they impact operations.

Used in more than one-third of the world’s industrial facilities, in virtually every country and industry, InTouch HMI software continues to deliver business value in engineering simplicity, operational agility and real-time performance mastery.
Experience Wonderware InTouch:

Stunning process graphics and out-of-the-box ready-to-use symbol library
Increase operator effectiveness with improved situational awareness
Make better decisions in real time
Increase operational and engineering productivity
Accelerate operator training
Securely access your system from any device, anytime, anywhere
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31-10-2016, 10:29

Assyst Bullmer V 2015 20.15 Sentinel Dongle

Category: Cad Cam

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Bystronic Bysoft V7 5.0.2 Full Modul Dongle

Category: Cad Cam

Construct and calculate parts, create cutting plans and bending programs, plan and monitor manufacturing processes: Modern sheet metal manufacturing is no longer imaginable without powerful software like BySoft 7. BySoft 7 offers a comprehensive range of functions and is still easy to operate. This way, you maintain an overview, while completing jobs quickly, affordably, and reliably. BySoft 7 – Make it easy.
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31-10-2016, 10:28

ICL Top-Paint Software Sentinel HASP Dongle

Category: custom

Formulation of new colors, correction and quality control for the painting products
industry. The quality of reproduction of a new color is today one of the most important
needs for all companies operating in the industry pigments and dyes sector.
The market demand and that of single users is increasingly severe and has to respond
to international standards which are increasingly narrow, as well as responding to the
need for greater quality.
Other needs such as the speed of response, the optimum study of the formula of a new
color, both as regards its qualitative and economic aspects, suggests that the pigment
producing company equip itself with a Colormetric system for the optimum solution of
the various problems.

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31-10-2016, 10:25

Amberg TMS Office TMS Tunnelscan v1.10 Sentinel Hasp Dongle

Category: custom

Optimal results

Complete profile checks
Non-destructive layer thickness measurement
Surface quality checks (undulation)
Scaled image documentation on tunnel features, work stages and actual condition of structure
Detailed dimensioning for optimised logistics and billing

Comprehensive tunnel as-built analyses: Fast, precise, meaningful

TMS Tunnelscan is the powerful data collection and evaluation software for laser scanner measurements in tunnel projects. Together with the Profiler 5003 high-performance imaging scanner from Amberg Technologies, TMS Tunnelscan forms the most powerful system solution on the surveying market for tunnel as-built documentation and analysis. TMS Tunnelscan supplies reliable information for the tunnel contractor, client, designer, and not least the surveyor.
Powerful software routines

Record the geometry and image of the entire tunnel structure during each construction phase
Determine all areas of under and overbreak
Calculate detailed excavation quantities
Compare measurements taken at different times for determination of sprayed concrete layer thicknesses and spatial deformations
Check the conformity of undulation of tunnel surface layer
Process georeferenced scanning data from other scanner types through standard PTS data interface.

TMS Tunnelscan users benefit from

Record the geometry and image of the entire tunnel structure during each construction phase
Determine all areas of under and overbreak
Automatic data acquisition and evaluation software specially designed for tunnelling works
Highest performance with up to 500,000 measured points per second (Profiler 5003 from Amberg Technologies)
Unique measuring speed at highest data density – up to 10’000 times more powerful than conventional methods
One set of data for geometric and digital image documentation of the tunnel
Mobile, autonomous and modular system design for optimal integration into the construction process

TMS Tunnelscan supports the following workflow

Input of project data (axis, transverse slope, theoretical profiles,…)
Data capturing using TMS ScanControl in combination with a Profiler 5003
Import the measurement data back in the office software (Profiler 5003 or through PTS interface)
Process the scan data based on given design elements
Extract single profiles
Process a wide range of reports in different formats (under-/overbreak, undulation, volumes,…)
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Amberg Tunnel V2 Sentinel Hasp Dongle Full Module

Category: custom

The tunnel surveying systems from Amberg Technologies support tunnelling in all construction phases. The system solutions under the umbrella name of Amberg TMS combine precise measuring instruments with task-specific software and today are an indispensable tunnelling equipment component. Significant improvements in efficiency are realized especially in tunnel setting out, tunnel profile measurements, geotechnical analysis and as-built tunnel analysis.
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