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DDX EasyStone 4.6a7 ( Eutron Smartkey Dongle )

Category: Cad Cam

DDX EasyStone 4.6a7  ( Eutron Smartkey Dongle )

EasySTONE is the ideal CAD/CAM for marble and similar materials working industry by numerically controlled machining centres.

EasySTONE is:

colums, vanity and kitchen tops;
bas - Reliefs;
funeral Art;
3D Modeling;
DXF, IGES, STL, PNT and RHINO (3DM) Import;
slab lifter management;
lathe management;
nesting true shape;
3D simulation;
collision detecion;
virtual milling;
slab import from digital cameras.

EasySTONE is complete and fully manages the stone processing avoiding purchase, maintenance, training costs for other additional products: from design to disposition of pieces and underpieces on the bench, 3D automatic collision detection with simulation, machining optimization and program generation.

EasySTONE, linked to DDXNest, manages geometric shapes nesting both interactive and automatic.
EasySTONE, linked to DDXPhoto, imports pictures of slabs from digital cameras.

EasySTONE is structured into four different steps: Design, Tools and Machining Management, Table and Pieces Disposition, NC-Code Generation.

1. Design
With EasySTONE it is possible to design free geometrical entities and to design from predefined parametric models (libraries): vanity tops, kitchen tops, openings, tables, etc. EasySTONE imports 2D and 3D standard formats: DXF, IGES, STL and RHINO (3DM) and allows surface definition by laser scanning (point file). The software imports grayscale images and makes Z-Map, vectorization or polymesh. EasySTONE includes 3D view and photo-realistic rendering of the project and the interactive modification and elaboration of designs thanks to the function cut, extend, split, join, interpolate, copy, move, mirror, rotate, delete, etc.

2. Tools and Machining Management

EasySTONE manages profiled tools, tool holders and aggregates in order to provide a realistic representation of the CNC and to ensure more precision during the machinig. Raw pieces can be defined according to Customer's needs and 3, 4, 5 axis machining can be associated: roughing and surface finishing cycle, drilling, finishing, profiling, empting cycles. EasySTONE allows machinings and drilling paths optimization. Furthermore EasySTONE manages roughing optimization considering rough pieces obtained from previous machinings.
EasySTONE manages interpolated and continuous lathe and probing.

3. Table and Pieces Disposition
EasySTONE makes the woodworking process smoother and automatically position pieces and subpieces on the bench. Users can arrange, on the machine table, one or more pieces and relatives sub-pieces (modules, vacuum-pods, vices, references, etc.) with 3D view. Thanks to the customized table it is possible to control every possible interferences between subpieces and machinigs.

4. 3D Simulation and NC Code generation

During the last step EasySTONE calculates automatically machining time, length and costs. 3D simulation of the machining process, idling included, is realistic because it shows the 3D model of the machining centre, of the table, tools, motors, sub-pieces and of the workpiece.

Furthermore EasySTONE allows 3D collision detection between machinings and pieces, subpieces and tools. The automatic collision detection module reduces testing, ensures less material and power consumption and consequently respects the environment. In the end EasySTONE generates part programs and send them directly to the NC centre of the Customer.

Version: 6.1

Latest Release: l3 32bit l3 64bit

Download Demo Version

Compare versions


EasySTONE Info sheet

EasySTONE versions and functions
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Pinnacle Truss CAD V22 Sentinel Ultra Pro Dongle

Category: Cad Cam

Pinnacle Truss CAD V22 Sentinel Ultra Pro Dongle
Pinnacle Truss CAD V22 Sentinel Ultra Pro Dongle

The first innovative part of the PinnacleLGS Framing System starts with PinnnacleCAD. PinnacleCAD is an integrated analysis, design and detailing software program for the cold formed steel metal trusses, walls and floors of an entire building. PinnacleCAD allows the user to design, model and view, in 3D format, entire truss, wall and floor layouts for buildings. The entire layouts can be designed and analyzed easily in minutes. The Modeling program makes it even more quick and easy. PinnacleCAD enables you to efficiently generate all framing plans, drawings, materials, panel manufacturing information and cutting lists for the design, structural analysis, construction and manufacturing of residential, commercial and industrial buildings using light gauge steel framing.

The second innovative part of the PinnacleLGS framing system is its capability to generate CAM CNC file, and manipulates CAD data into an optimized machine ready file. It formats production groups and sequences, as well as complex punching operations, such as dimpling, web notching, and screw holes for automated assembly. It also directs accurate and dynamic inkjet printing for vital parts’ identification and positioning.
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25-11-2014, 08:19

3Shape Dental System Dinkey Dongle

Category: Cad Cam

3Shape Dental System Dinkey Dongle
3Shape Dental System Dinkey Dongle
3Shape Dental System Dinkey Dongle
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OnDemand3D Dental Software Hasp SRM Dongle

Category: Cad Cam

OnDemand3D Dental Software  Hasp SRM Dongle

OnDemand3D Application: Full App & Dental

OnDemand3D Application solution is capable of handling DICOM format data by importing DICOM data to local database or remote location such as OnDemand3D Server or Remote PACS server. OnDemand3D Application is a module based solution and offers two main packages which are Full Application and Dental.

OnDemand3D App includes all major modules and is ideal for orthodontists, oral maxillofacial surgeons, implantologists, endodontists and other specialists. Each module is designed to fill in the need for a specific dentistry field.

OnDemand3D Dental is a light version of OnDemand3D App and ideal for General dentists or those who need to do general diagnosis, treatment planning and patient reporting.

Each module shares the same user interface so once you get acquainted with one module, learning another module is very easy. The following modules are available in Full application and Dental and add on modules are available for both applications.
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3Shape Dental System 2014 Dinkey Dongle

Category: Cad Cam

3Shape Dental System 2014 Dinkey Dongle
3Shape Dental System 2014 Dinkey Dongle
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delcam ShoeMaker 2014 CAD

Category: Cad Cam

delcam ShoeMaker 2014 CAD

Delcam CRISPIN has launched the 2014 release of its ShoeMaker CAD software for the design of all types of footwear. This version offers improved visualisation of designs with the new KeyShot rendering engine, the ability to create lasts for boot designs, more options for heel design, and additional items in the extensive library of accessories supplied with the software.

For further details on the new release, please go to

ShoeMaker is the only footwear CAD program to integrate fully the 3D design of lasts, uppers and soles, so allowing the complete shoe to be developed and visualised in a single system. This integrated approach benefits all footwear designers, but is particularly advantageous for companies making sports shoes and other designs that include complex soles.

With the KeyShot rendering software now built in to ShoeMaker, laptops, tablets or smart-phones can be used to show more realistic images of new designs to prospective buyers for styling and marketing reviews. This reduces the need for physical samples, cutting overall costs and shortening product time to market.

Similarly, using more realistic images improves communications between design and manufacturing teams, minimising the chance of errors and again helping to introduce new designs to market more quickly.

A more advanced rendering package, KeyShot CAD Pro, is available as an upgrade which offers additional features including unlimited rendering resolution, render queues and turntable animation.

The images have also been made more realistic with more options for shoe relaxation. The relaxation can now be spread either smoothly or linearly, and with different effects for designs that either do or do not feature a tongue.

ShoeMaker 2014 also has the ability to design a boot leg extension for any last. The full range of dimensions to control the shape of the extension can be entered and edited in the 2D window, and the design is then created in 3d. Once the design has been finalised, it is possible to grade the extension area, simultaneously with the other areas of the last.

A new series of options for heel creation has been added, including options specifically for the design of stiletto, flat-breast and straight heels. A range of sliders and buttons can be used to adjust the heel parameters, such as the amount of curvature on the front, back and sides of the heel, and the tangency at the top of the curves.

A key part of ShoeMaker’s ability to speed up the creation of novel designs is the large library of data supplied with the software, including ranges of materials of different types and colours, plus accessories including eyelets, buckles and zips. This library has been extended with the addition of more styles of loops, most of which can also be used as lugs. Two new stitch types have also been added to the stitch library.

ShoeMaker still offers a very easy-to-learn interface, making it ideal for concept designers that might come from an artistic background rather than an engineering education. All of the icons feature specific footwear imagery, making the software very intuitive to use.

Of course, ShoeMaker remains fully compatible with the complete range of Delcam CRISPIN software for 2D and 3D manufacturing, including the programs for costing, material cutting, mouldmaking and inspection. A single file can be used for each complete project, from initial concept design through to mass production. This makes data management and project planning much simpler, and so allows faster introduction of new designs, with greater confidence that the designer’s intent is captured in the finished footwear.
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ArtiosCAD 7.6 & 12 Rubber Nesting Key ( dongle )

Category: Cad Cam

ArtiosCAD 7.6 & 12 Rubber Nesting Key ( dongle )
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Giben GVision Onix 2.0 License

Category: Cad Cam

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Category: Cad Cam


SCENE 3D laser scanner software is specifically designed for the FARO Focus3D. SCENE processes and manages scanned data easily and efficiently by using automatic object recognition as well as scan registration and positioning. SCENE can also generate high-quality colorized scans very quickly, while providing the tools for automated target-less scan positioning.

This point-cloud software for scanners is extremely user-friendly, from simple measuring to 3D visualization to meshing and exporting into various point cloud and CAD formats. Once SCENE has prepared the scan data, you can commence evaluation and further processing right away.

Scan projects can even be published on a web server at the touch of a button. The new SCENE WebShare feature allows easy access to laser scans with a standard Internet browser.
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Grafis CAD V10 ( Sentinel HASP SRM Dongle )

Category: Cad Cam

Grafis CAD V10 ( Sentinel HASP SRM Dongle )

GRAFIS is a modern CAD software for pattern design and marker making. It offers creation and modification of pattern pieces, grading and output to printers and plotters as well as export of the finished pattern in several data formats. In addition GRAFIS contains a marker making software, which enables placement of completed styles and subsequent plotting. Export to cutters is also possible. GRAFIS is used in industry, craft and schools.

In particular, the interactive basic blocks open up a new world of flexible and user-friendly pattern creation and grading, helping save time and cost, making GRAFIS the perfect tool for made-to-measure patterns.
Pattern design
Pic. 2: Measurement charts Pic. 2: Measurement charts

GRAFIS works with the construction principle as a standard procedure. Body measurement charts are used to draft basic blocks which are then, modified into styles and production patterns. These measurement charts can represent standard sizes and / or individual sizes. The structure of the measurment charts depends on the measurement system. In addition to the existing measurement systems, company-specific measurement systems can be incorporated. The interactive basic blocks delivered with the Grafis software relate to the measurement charts. The production patterns are developed for one measurement chart while GRAFIS records the individual construction steps. Then, the patterns can be generated for the size range required (off-the-peg) or for individual measurement charts (made-to-measure).
Pic. 3: Individual measurement chart Pic. 3: Individual measurement chart

The large number of interactive basic blocks delivered with GRAFIS such as bodice, trousers, skirt, sleeve, collar, pockets and others contain drafting instructions which are recalculated with the selected measurement charts. These interactive basic blocks can easily be altered through click and drag or numerical entry offering a wealth of options for fit optimisation and style modification.
Bild04 Interaktive Grundkonstruktion

Bild05 Grundkonstruktionen
Pic. 6: Grading Pic. 6: Grading

All steps of the style development are logged in a construction record and can then be recalculated with the body measurements of the related measurement chart. Thus, grading in Grafis is not incremental grading but a recalculation of the complete construction instructions. Subsequent modification to the style development is possible via simple alteration of the parameters. All values which have been set up as parameters or are existing parameters of the interactive construction can be altered.
Pic. 7: Modification Pic. 7: Modification

During grading individual points can be influenced through adjustment of break sizes. As Grafis works with a hereditary structure, connections between parts are created automatically. Alteration of a development part leads to recalculation of all parts and therefore, adjustment of all dependent pattern pieces. This dependency achieves effective and fast creation of style variations.
Grade rule grading
Pic. 8: Grade rule grading Pic. 8: Grade rule grading

As an alternative to grading via automatic processing of the construction record it is possible to grade with grade rules. This grading technique is applied to digitized or imported patterns in particular. Using functions such as the grade rule library simplifies the grading process.
Marker making / Layplanning
Pic. 9: Marker making / Layplanning Pic. 9: Marker making / Layplanning

The layplanning software offers a large number of settings relating to material, pieces and sizes. Apart from the common functions for butting pieces together including rotation, mirror and adjustment of buffers and allowances, Grafis offers functions for special applications. These include matching points for laying checks and stripes, use of marker templates, automatic generation of fusing blocks, consideration of material flaws and shrinkage and many more. Special layplanning options for folded lays or tubular material and step-lays can be selected. Pieces can be selected from different styles to assemble a layplan. In addition to the layplanning software, a module for automatic layplan optimisation is available.