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  • Date: 5-03-2015, 12:50
5-03-2015, 12:50

Ergosoft TexPrint Wibu Codemeter Dongle

Category: rip

Ergosoft TexPrint
Ergosoft PosterPrint
Ergosoft StudioPrint
Ergosoft HiQPrint

New Drivers
· Aeoon KYO DTG printer 4C/5C/6C/7C/8C
· Agfa Jeti Titan HS/S
· Agfa Anapurna M2050i / M2500i / M3200i
· ATP DFP-G 330 4C/6C
· COLORJET VastraJet
· d.gen Papyrus Black
· DGI FD-1904 / 1908
· DGI FT-1904XR
· DGI HS FT-1902
· DTS MD160-R / MD180-R
· Durst Rhotex HS
· Eastsign EBP / ECP / EX3 / EX8
· Epson SureColor SC-B6000/7000
· Epson SureColor SC-T3x00/5x00/7x00/5200D/7200D
· Eurotech Sub-i
· Forni Digital ICON 34S
· FTEX JS BT-180
· HAPA ULP 834
· HP Designjet D5800
· HP Designjet Z6600 / Z6800
· Human E-Press 180/320
· Ichinose 2040 Pro
· Maxunion iTTEN PJ-16x0/18x0-S/D
· Mimaki JFX200-2513
· Mimaki JV150-130/160
· Mimaki JV300-130/160
· Mutoh ValueJet 1638X 8C
· Mutoh ValueJet 1638WX 8C
· Novus Imaging Pictora
· PHOTOJET PJ-16x0/18x0-S/D
· PrintPretty D100 1800/2600/3200
· PrintPretty D200V 1800/2600/3200
· PrintPretty D300V 1800/2600/3200
· PrintPretty POL500 1800/2600/3200
· Robustelli Monna Lisa 32 Heads
· Roland Texart RT-640
· S. Roque RoqPrint DTG / CTS
· Yat Fung YF-1800E-P
· Mutoh ValueCut VC-600/1300/1800
· Epson SureColor SC-S706x0: Driver for 7C and 8C for combinations with metallic
and white added
Drivers on Request
· Epson SC-S306x0/506x0/706x0 HTM2
· COLORJET SoftJet / SoftJet Grand
· COLORJET Transjet
· HP Designjet T7200 (Print only)
· JHF T3000-KM
· Oric Gen4 R Series R32/R32UV/R20/R20UV/R18/R18UV
· Oric Gen5 O Series O2715UV
· SAER Digital Textile Printer CSR3200
Driver Updates
· Barbieri Spectropad: New geometry "Barbieri Spectropad wide patches" added.
· Contone TIFF Output Drivers: Options for creating BigTIFF files and inverting extra
channels added.
· d.gen Papyrus Black: New in Printer Category A5 (was B1 before)
· DIGITEX GUNSJET T1604: New in Printer Category A5 (was B6 before)
· Epson Spectroproofer Print&Measure: New ILS30 measurement device added with
support for M0/M1/M2 measuring conditions.
· Epson Spectroproofer Print&Measure: Now, measuring condition M0 is added to
older ILS20 measuring device.
· FTEX JS BT-180: Renamed "Sawgrass F-Tex 180" to "FTEX JS BT-180"
· Mimaki UJF 3042/3042HG: New in Printer Category A5 (was B1 before)
· Mimaki UJF6042: Print modes 360x900 and 540x900 added
· SAER Digital Textile Printer CSR3200: New in Printer Category B3 (was B6 before)
· MS-Italy JP4 / JP4 Dual: Maximum media width now is 180 cm.
· Roland LEJ drivers: Resolution 1440x1440 added.
Update Highlights
o CPD File Saving: As of this build, ColorGPS automatically creates the default folder
ColorCali for saving CPD files if it does not exist already.
o Color QPC: Added ability for ColorQPC to load analysis’ for which the corresponding
print environments no longer exist.
o Cost Calculation – Large Step&Repeat Images: Corrected an issue with cost
calculation for large Step&Repeat images with many repeats.
o HP older Z-series: JobComposer will no longer lock up when using print environments
for older HP Z-series printers (e.g. HP Z3200).
o Snapshot Update: Fixed an issue where snapshots were not created for image files
with a creation-date that lies in the future of the current system date, e.g.
because the image file was created in an eastern time zone and packed
in a .zip file.
o White/Varnish Contone Drivers: When using the print environment function "Where
nothing else is printed" with Contone print drivers, the second cartridge
for White ink resp. Varnish is now used as intended.