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SEE Electrical Expert V4

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SEE Electrical Expert V4

The "Concurrent Engineering" module is a powerful solution for multiple designers to work collaboratively on the same project.

• "3D Panel" supports designing electrical installations in 3D and offers a realistic view of equipment and their physical positions as well as space requirements, visualization and collision control.
• From the installation diagram, the "Synoptic" module automatically generates all the terminal strips and cables and updates the schematics.
• The "Harness Documentation" module is an intuitive and easy-to-use tool for designing 2D harnesses and routing the wires and cables in accordance with the schematics.
• Multiple ways to configure machine or electrical installations and to automatically generate a complete electrical project (schematics, terminals, part lists, cable lists, etc.) from:

- an Excel spreadsheet
- CompoData, the IGE+XAO Group software suite to configure more complex systems.

Several communication gateways with other software packages :

- Mechanical CAD (Catia, SolidWorks, Creo, NX, Inventor AutoCAD,etc.),
- PDM (SmartTeam, Windchill, TeamCenter, SolidWorks ePDM…),
- ERP (SAP…),
- or other professional software (PLC, programming, labelling, panel manufacturing, cable cutting, documentation, archiving, cost calculation, etc.) promote the integration of SEE Electrical Expert "Control Package".

• SEE Electrical Expert "Control Package" exchanges information with PLC programming software in order to automatically generate and update Input/Output card layouts. This functionality is particularly optimised for SCHNEIDER Electric’s Unity Pro as SEE Electrical Expert "Control Package" has direct access to the heart of this platform.

• Document exchanges are easy thanks to numerous graphical interfaces (PDF, DXF, DWG, JPEG, TIFF, WMF, etc.). XLS, XML, ASCII, etc. interfaces also supports export or import of data.

• Partnerships with major electrical equipment manufacturers (ABB, Legrand, Eaton - Moeller Electric, Phoenix Contact, Rockwell Automation - Allen Bradley, Schneider Electric, Siemens, Socomec, Wago, Weidmüller…) provide the largest catalogues in the market with more than 700,000 parts.

• 100% unicode, SEE Electrical Expert "Control Package" V4 supports all kinds of alphabets.

A complete environment for an immediately operational business package:

• more than 1,000 electrical standardized symbols (IEC, IEEE,etc.),
• more than 700,000 parts available online through our web server,
• many design templates built in (motor starters with corresponding control part, drives, PLC cards, etc.),
• over one hundred reports templates lists configured which can be customised,
• dozens of part list templates,
• hundreds of working methods available (symbol tagging, wire numbering formats, terminal strip layouts, connectors, cables, management of interconnections, part list templates, terminal and cable lists, XLS and XML export formats…).
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