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M&H 3D Form Inspect Software Smartkey Dongle

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M&H 3D Form Inspect Software  Smartkey Dongle

3D Form Inspect - the proven solution for your success. Measuring and quality control on the machine tool is gaining increasing importance in progressive manufacturing plants. This software enables quick, easy measuring and logging of important geometries and shapes on all sides and with all axes directly on the machine tool. This saves time, provides safety, and enhances quality.

Highest precision

m&h touch probe in conjunction with patented calibration ensures highest accuracy
One-time setting of triggering scatter during calibration
Vector calibration for high demands of speed and accuracy

Meaningful measuring protocols

Graphic representation of measuring results on the screen
Freely configurable display of results
Measuring protocol shown through Excel, Word, or HTML
Interface for linking up to other evaluation programs

Support of 4th and 5th axis

Measuring on all sides of the workpiece and at undercuts or inclined geometries in free space

Correction of kinematic errors on circular and swivelling axes

Maximum precision by patented compensation of swivelling errors
Collection of kinematic errors of the 4th and 5th axes through calibration or actual workpiece
Detected deviations are compensated for during the measuring process

Further functions

Support of cross/star probes
Use and management of several touch probes per measuring task
Management of measuring point groups using different on-screen displays
Touch probe configurator for all measuring tasks
Universal interface to job management system

Best Fit Function

Optimization of deviations in position and location by turning and shifting the workpiece
Can be used for quick fitting of the blank into the best machining position
Quick re-clamping of moulds for repair
Determination of position and zero point defining after measuring
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