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Stellate Harmonie ( Sentinel SuperPro Dongle )

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Stellate Harmonie ( Sentinel SuperPro Dongle )
Stellate Harmonie ( Sentinel SuperPro Dongle )
Stellate Harmonie ( Sentinel SuperPro Dongle )
Stellate Harmonie ( Sentinel SuperPro Dongle )

Stellate Harmonie
is a powerful data acquisition system for
routine EEG offering several user-friendly features that enhance
workflow organization and database management.
erful & P
ammable Amplifier
A powerful amplifier with user-programmable filters, automatic
anti-aliasing and sampling rates of up to 2000 Hz ensures outstanding
signal quality. Convenient impedance verification on the amplifier or on
screen at anytime and dedicated inputs for EEG, EKG, EMG,
respiratory, oximetry and plethysmography signals offer true versatility.
An optional mini-headbox provides enhanced flexibility for positioning
the recording station relative to the patient.
Easy & Intuiti
Recordings are initiated with just a few clicks. The Harmonie software
provides flexible annotation and easy navigation to any point of
interest. Display preferences by user customize all aspects of screen
appearance in just one click. Reports are easily generated and
permanently saved in the database.
Perfectly Synchronized MPEG-4 Digital Video
High resolution digital video that is perfectly synchronized with the EEG
signals is an option to further enhance system capability.
Effortless Data Management
A centralized, secure and powerful Microsoft
SQL database that is
HIPAA compliant enables you to automatically keep track of every
patient’s recordings and reports from initial data acquisition through
record archival. The database is designed for easy file management;
from assigning files to physicians to archiving read files, the database
keeps track of file status for you. Database statistics can be generated
for predetermined and user-definable fields.
Versatile Networking
From a single lab to complex, multi-site networks, the Stellate brand
offers a customized solution designed by a highly experienced team
of engineers.
Seamless Integration with the Hospital Information System
Stellate systems can be conveniently interfaced with the Hospital
Information System using an optional HL7 module.
Outstanding Technical & Applications Support
Every Stellate system is backed by 24/7
customer support delivered by a highly
qualified team of EEG, PSG and computer
technologists who fully understand
end-user environment and needs.
Remote diagnostics make it possible to
troubleshoot and resolve problems with
minimal downtime. On-site and interactive
web-based training are an integral part of
the complete Stellate solution to
ensure that you get the most out of
your system.
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