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Trimble Business Center - HCE ( Hasp SRM Dongle )

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Trimble Business Center - HCE  ( Hasp SRM Dongle )

Powerful tools help you create accurate, integrated 3D models for sites and highways quickly and easily. Make better decisions, decrease costly mistakes, and increase efficiency in the office and on the job site.

Reduce drive time

Effectively and seamlessly manage data between the office, Trimble SCS900 Site Controller Software and Trimble machine control technology.

Reduce rework

Select, create, edit and draft data, as well as generate reports and plots, or publish information.
Ensure data is clean, up-to-date and delivered in the right format to get the job done.

Win more bids

Prepare site earthworks and construction material quantity takeoffs quickly and accurately with expanded detail.
Convert digital CAD cross-sections, rapidly extract cross-section information from AdobeĀ® PDF vector files and quickly see locations and quantities of materials for road takeoff.

Increase profit

Optimize site and corridor earthworks
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