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ISIscan™ Routine Analysis Software - Sentinel Dongle

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ISIscan™ Routine Analysis Software - Sentinel Dongle

ISIscan™ Routine Analysis Software

ISIscan™ is a complete routine analysis package designed for the easy operation of FOSS NIR insturments in lab, at line and on-line environments.

ISIscan™ Features

Support for the following FOSS instruments: InfraXact™ and InfraXact™ Pro analyazers, XDS Rapid Content and XDS Rapid Liquid analyzers as well as FOSS System II bench and on-line instruments.
Automatic database storage of results
ISI standardization: patented instrument matching software for reliable calibration transfer (U.S. patent no.4,866,644)
Supported regression methods: MLR, PLS, MPLS, LOCAL, FOSS-ANN prediction
Real time outlier detection for each constituent
Configurable results displays
Product control with control limits, target values and reports
User defined fields for tracking sample information
LIMS compatibility
Comprehensive on-line help
Customizable reports *
Local language support **
Easy export of samples into WinISI 4 Calibration software, ***
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