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Elias infra-CONVERT Wibu Box Dongle

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Elias infra-CONVERT Wibu Box Dongle

infra - CONVERT – drawing-based quality control planning

The ideal software for creating quick and reliable quality control plans (QCP) for FAI or statistical process checks from drawings. With infra - CONVERT you can electronically VDA stamp your drawing (positioning), thereby indexing all the quality-relevant features in drawings.

Being able to automatically extract dimensional data from 2D- CAD drawings avoids potential data entry errors when creating QCPs and also saves a great deal of time. The software allows you to capture individual or multiple dimensions from selected areas of the drawing or all the dimensional information from the latter with just a few mouse clicks.

General tolerances and dimensions for engineering fit can be extracted automatically from tables, avoiding the tedium and possible error when searching and entering each value individually.

For drawings in pdf or graphics format the software provides a rapid input dialogue for entering dimensional data into the QCP.

Stamped drawings can be printed, plotted or published as a pdf file. Additionally, diagrams can be automatically produced for each feature planned for inclusion in a QCP, to aid visualization of the measurement task where it is carried out.

The quality control plan can also be exported in CSV format for simple planning tasks in Excel, and in DFD data transfer format (Q-DAS®).

Almost all CAQ software systems include an interface to infra - CONVERT allowing you to access drawings from your CAQ system and automatically work up a QCP.

It is also possible to transfer the data from a QCP for an existing drawing to the latest version of the drawing. All unchanged feature data is transferred and you only have to enter the data for features that have been changed.

Users testify to savings of up to 70% !

Integration of infra - CONVERT into more than 20 leading CAQ-software systems confirms its status as the application of choice for quality control planning.
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