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Virtual Lab For LVSIM LVVL Version 1.9 Hardlock Dongle

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Virtual Lab For LVSIM LVVL Version 1.9 Hardlock Dongle


The Electromechanical Systems Simulation Software (LVSIM®-EMS) is a simulation software that covers the same courseware as the following systems:

• DC and AC Power Circuits Training System, Model 8010-1

• Electromechanical Training System, Model 8010-9

LVSIM-EMS is a web-browser based application available in three different configurations. The simulation software can either be installed locally on a Windows® personal computer (local version), on a Windows server (network version), or accessed directly online through the labvolt.com website at lvsim.labvolt.com (online version).
Features & Benefits

Replicates the Electromechanical Training System, enabling students to perform actual experiments using virtual equipment
Install, move, and remove EMS modules in and from the workstation
Modify module connections at any time and change the color of wires
Install a timing belt between two EMS machines
Verify module connections using a tool that highlights all wires connected to a same circuit point
Perform measurements of voltage, current, power, speed, torque, impedance, resistance, reactance, and frequency and display the values on digital or analog meters
Record measurements in a data table and plot graphs using the recorded data
Display waveforms on a multi-channel oscilloscope and ac voltages and currents as phasors
Students prepare for laboratories in advance using virtual equipment, thereby decreasing the time they require to perform the exercises using actual equipment
Decreases the quantity of actual equipment required per student
Allows students to practice with EMS equipment operation and connection at home on a personal computer

Topic Coverage

Fundamentals for Electric Power Technology
Alternating Current
Capacitors in AC Circuits
Inductors in AC Circuits
Power, Phasors, and Impedance in AC Circuits
Three-Phase Circuits
Special Transformer Connections
Single- and three-Phase Transformers
Fundamentals for Rotating Machines
DC Motors and Generators
Special Characteristics of DC Motors
AC Induction and Synchronous Motors
Three-Phase Synchronous Generators
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