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16-12-2015, 09:36

HIPAX Diagnostic Workstation 2.5.6

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HIPAX Diagnostic Workstation  2.5.6

The HIPAX Diagnostic Workstation is a capable software for image acquisition, image processing and viewing, able to cope with very big image series. The HIPAX workstation concept provides an optimal workflow.

The images can be processed while the series is loading – the loading process is carried out in the background, unnoticed by the user and without loss of performance. The different image processing functions can be used in maximum speed even on a very big image series. The multiplanar reconstruction opens additional possibilities for radiologists to evaluate images.

Base Features

DICOM - compatible
extensive configuration options
Suitable for all types of medical images
Image import from DICOMDIR CDs
Hanging Protocol
Parallel processing
Image processing
Paper print
Creating diagnostic documents (DICOM SR, Word) for findings
SQL - based image and patient administration
detailed logging
powerful GDT interface (extended GDT for veterinary physicians)
Can be used as a Workstation as well as a (Medical practice) PACS

Extended Features

DICOM Storage, Send, Query, Email, Worklist
Integration to patient management systems
Receiving images from DICOM modalities
Direct connection to CR/DR systems
Imaging interface to Vidar or Microtek scanners
Video digitizing
Filters to optimize images
Tools for image series, e. g.: 3D, MIP, MP
Measurements: distance, angle, area, density
Mammography - diagnosis, CAD
Interface for Ortho-Planner-Software
Creating Patient CDs manually or using a robot
Online and Offline Archive on CD, DVD und BD
DICOM - Print
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