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AirCaster Highlights & TitleCater Sentinel Dongle

Category: custom

AirCaster Highlights & TitleCater Sentinel Dongle
AirCaster Highlights & TitleCater Sentinel Dongle

Perfect Broadcast automation channel-in-a-box solution
Playout automation system, combining ease of use
Minimum latency & stability designed for 24/7 crash-free performance
Stability is tested via extreme automated testing procedures
Multiple format Playback - Codec package Included
All supported formats codecs are packed into the Playout Solution
Built in Codecs for smooth & Stable playout
TitleCaster (Character Generator) Application Included with Aircaster
Playlist , Schedule Playlist with integrated Playlist scheduler
Flexible multi-level playlists with support of live feeds , Network Streams
Integrate seamlessly with I/O hardware from Blackmagic Design all Cards
Supports All video formats SD/HD Playback in same Playlist
Live Ingest - seamless Switching of Live and Video file
Play all types of network Streams in same Playlist
Unlimited text and Graphics Overlay ( Text ,Ticker,Images,Image Sequence, Swf )
Instant Live seamLess switching
playout software
decklink playout

Auto Display Now Info
playout software

Auto Display Next Info
24x7 news channel software

Auto Backin Info
broadcasting software

Auto Schedule Info

AirCaster Features

Add Multi format , Multi size Video files in single Playlist
Every Clip details (Video size ,Audio freq ,Duration , Start/End Mark points,Trim Duration ,PlayTime)
Add text Tags to playlist Files , Set Clip Type and Color or each file separately to identify clips
Cut - Copy - Paste - Move up/ Down - Delete Function to set the clips Position in real time Playlist
you can Overlay Text & Graphics Each Clip wise simply by browsing the graphics with related Clip
Every Clip has 5 Graphic Switches ( On / Off) properties to Display graphics according to the Clip

Commertial Breaks

Insert breaks in file at any position
Create breaks List and set your breaks to play in Groups at fixed timing
Playing file is resumed to its playing position when the Break is played
Group Breaks are set to play with a start date and end date ( auto on / off )
Auto Backin Info to display on Breaks remaining duration

Text & Graphic Features

TitleCaster is used to create Compositions ( unlimited text & graphics in a single file as composition )
Five methods to overlay unlimited Text & Graphics composition in each graphic Layer to Play unlimited Text & Graphic layers
1. Still Graphics (SG) Layer ( play graphics like Logo & Time weather etc)
2. Master Graphics (MG) Layer ( Play Graphics Like News Tickers & Breaking news etc)
3. Time Graphics (TG) Layer ( schedule Graphics to play at Fix Time & Date )
4. Loop Graphics (LG1 , LG2 ) Layers ( Loop Graphics to Play one by one in sequence by individual Interval )
5. L Shape (LS) layer ( Video is get squeezed when L- Shape graphic is displayed )
You can Also Link & Play Compositions (Text & Graphics ) with any playlist file separately to any file
Every Playlist File has Graphic Switches SG,MG,TG,LG,LS to display relative graphic which is switched ON
Display or hide the Graphics layer for Relative Clip ( Use full to Hide All layers on Advertisements )

User Friendly Graphics overlay engine with a user-friendly editor
News & Breaking tickers (including crawls and rolls) with automatic file tracking
Unlimited number of text, image or graphics items to overlay
Smooth item edges for better display on low-resolution devices
Special text items for time & date, timer, stopwatch and frame number overlays
Smooth fade-in/fade out of moving items (such as crawls and rolls)
Various effects: Blur, Glow, Motion Blur
animated effects on item movement and entrance/exit
Outlined text , Gradient Text and background with transparency
Text effects: Shadow, Glow, Motion Blur, Rotation ....
Supported Shapes: rects, round rects, ellipses, polygons, stars ....
Supported file formats: BMP (with alpha), JPEG, TGA (with alpha)
Smooth overlay for image sequences
automatic adjustment to the input video's aspect ratio
Unlimited text and Graphics Overlay ( Text ,Ticker,Images,Image Sequence, Swf )
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ColorTac SmartWorks Pro Software 1.7.2

Category: custom

ColorTac SmartWorks Pro Software 1.7.2

SmartWorks Pro software – One Interface, Two Applications

SmartWorks Pro Using a Mouse or Touch Screen enabled displays, the intuitive Graphical User Interface guides you quickly through the Scan-once workflow, making rapid changes to the image quality if required. SmartWorks Pro is a software cost option and available in 2 formats:

Scan – scan only
Scan & Copy – scan to file and copy simultaneously

NEW Highlighter and Pencil Tracing Presets (pre-installed)

Update to the latest v1.7 release of SmartWorks Pro and discover two new presets that are installed and ready to use. Available for the SC (SingleSensor) and SG (CCD) range of SmartLF scanners these presets allow quick access of software settings that normally require some setting up by the user. Designed to boost highlighted marker pen information and improve the contrast of pencil work on tracing or translucent paper these presets let you get more from your Colortrac scanner, faster. The presets are fully user-adjustable.

Now save scan files in PDF/A standard for compliance with organisations requiring this type of PDF to safeguard digital data well into the future.
Crop copy, a neat new feature to reproduce the image but not the original’s printer borders

Ever been frustrated that the copy sometimes needs a wider roll in the printer than the original CAD print used or if you don’t use wider paper you run the risk of losing part of the copy? Well now you can copy drawings that almost cover the sheet without worrying about losing data. Crop copy allows the SmartWorks Pro user to remove digital margin information from the printed image without affecting the scan. The result is a copy where the image scale is preserved as well as the paper size.
Internal driver for EPSON range of printers

This version now includes internal driver support for the Epson printer range. Internal drivers permit the operator to achieve shorter first-copy-output-times (FCOT) and greater reliability over image placement, scale and orientation than the manufacturer’s Window drivers.
SmartWorks Pro Open PDF

SmartWorks Pro opens its own scans made to PDF format allowing these files to be checked or optionally re-saved into other file formats. This is especially useful since Adobe Acrobat does not usually support the viewing of PDF files above 200 inches in length.
Scan to AutoCAD DWF format

SmartWorks Pro now allows the user to save any scan to the popular AutoCAD Design Review or .DWF format widely used for mark-up and annotation of drawings and plans by architects and engineers. DWF images can be viewed, annotated or measured and freely exchanged with other users of the software. AutoCAD Design Review is freely downloadable from Autodesk. SmartWorks Pro DWF files contain raster data only.
Intuitive Graphical User Interface

The intuitive Graphical User Interface (GUI) can be operated through either Mouse or Touch Screen enabled displays, providing simple working or rapid access to the wide range of new Full Color and Image Quality Editing features.
Superior Productivity with Scan-Once Workflow

With SmartWorks Pro, we believe the Scan-Once Workflow sets us apart by allowing any number of adjustments to be made in real-time after scanning the image file which is then updated and saved without any additional scanning or operator intervention. This reduces the amount of time incurred storing and retrieving the data file, re-scanning to review changes made or refreshing the screen content. Scan-Once also limits the opportunity for potential damage to the original document, especially if the document is fragile and/or valuable.
Automate using 10 Preset Filters

Let SmartWorks Pro enhance your productivity by using one of the 10 ALL NEW PRESET FILTERS. Completely overhauled in this version the new presets allow operators to have full control over the file format type of the scan file. Automatic naming of the file according to the preset selected also helps users to identify files after scanning. Simply pick the preset closest to your requirement and then modify during the scan to create your own optimised version. Designed to help the unfamiliar scanner operator get the best result from many different types of original documents preset filters can be used when scanning or copying.
Simplify Large Archive Jobs

Let SmartWorks Pro help you manage the scanned images by using the SmartWorks Pro Multi Page Document Manager, it allows the operator to combine large and differing scan file types into a single TIFF or PDF file. Creating a multi-page document outside of the scanning process has several advantages:

Allows operator freedom to edit and quality check each scan
Works with large or small files without slowing down the scanning process
Allows jpeg, png, pdf (raster) and tiff, monochrome and color files, physically large and physically small files all to be built into one self-contained file
Allows very long pdf documents to be constructed
Copes with interrupted scan flow without affecting or corrupting the whole file
Does not require an especially powerful computer since Multi Page Document creation takes place outside of the scanning workflow
Add new images without rescanning all the internal documents again
Accepts JPEG, PNG, PDF (raster) and TIFF images from external sources

Files can be selected and re-ordered as necessary before saving to a multi-page TIFF or PDF document. To view your PDF multi-page documents you will need Adobe Acrobat or similar. View your TIFF multi-page documents in an application which can open multiple page TIFF files such as Windows PhotoViewer. You may also increase the throughput of your scanned documents by using the advanced Auto Size feature that automatically sets the parameters of the scan to suit the size of original document. Also use the Auto Detect Document – starts the scan automatically allowing the operator to concentrate on the staging of the document and preparing subsequent materials for feeding. Use the Auto Name feature where the operator can define the basic file name and SmartWorks Pro appends the relevant scan number to the file name for each subsequent document scanned. It can also be set to provide an Automatic Time Stamp to each file and also includes options that control over-writing of the file. These combined features allow the operator to scan multiple sheets simply by continually feeding the scanner with new documents.
Improve Scan Quality

The main issues relating to the quality of scan are directly related to the quality of the original document. If the original is perfect, then the scan or copy will also be good. Unfortunately many originals are not perfect and many have feint hand-written annotations or are just plain worn out. This is the point where SmartWorks Pro can really help. For a pure monochrome scan file, the image needs to be small for storage, even when it has to come from a discoloured drawing, a blueprint or a damaged or badly stained original. Bi-tonal Thresholding provides the easiest means of achieving this and has internal options for simple or 2D adaptive thresholding. 2D Adaptive Thresholding can remove varying background coloration with ease whereas Simple Thresholding is more efficient at converting previously copied or cleaner originals. Scan-Once allows these methods to be applied and adjusted quickly and efficiently
File Size Management

User selectable file quality controls in SmartWorks Pro allow the scanner operator to decide the file size and image quality combination they prefer for any JPEG or PDF scan. Quality settings can be pre-set before the scan or used following any image editing operation. The quality and file compression levels for all monochrome TIF and PDF files are pre-set to maximum and use a lossless method of image compression.
Color Management

By integrating ICC Color Management into SmartWorks Pro viewer, Colortrac has been able to provide a very accurate representation of scanned and printed output. SmartWorks Pro can attach profile information to each scanned image file (selectable), ensuring accurate color reproduction when reloading into SmartWorks Pro or displaying using other color calibrated viewers. SmartWorks Pro can capture raw RGB, Profiled RGB, sRGB and Adobe RGB color space data from the scanner.
Printer Management

When using the SmartWorks Pro Scan & Copy or Copier versions there are several different alternatives to how the printer driver can be used. By using the standard Windows™ printer driver the output characteristics of the scanned image are defined based on the sophistication of the chosen output printer manufacturer. For some Windows printer drivers, the options for paper conservation and color profile selection can be limited. SmartWorks Pro Printer Drivers allow the user to create printer profiles specifically suited to the chosen output media and also to benefit from greater control over precise copy size and economical paper utilization. For compatibility with large CAD drafting printers TIFF files can be held in an Optional Hot Folder. With this feature all scans are automatically detected and printed by the CAD printer without the use of printer drivers. Note: CAD printer must support hot folder/RIP operation.
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Metrolog XG 14

Category: custom

Metrolog XG 14
Metrolog XG 14

Metrolog XG

Metrolog XG is a polyvalent 3D inspection software that fulfills today's needs in terms of 3D measuring and quality control. It has been developed by a team rich of 20 years of experience and features state-of-the-art technologies for quality control.

Provided as standard 3D software on various brands of CMMs.
Especially suited to retrofit any kind of CMMs, old or new.
Runs under Windows XP, Vista and Seven
Connects to all type of CMM, manual or CNC, using the standard Metrologic Group interfaces.
Built-in DMIS V4.00 engine (Dimensional Measuring Interface Specification).

Fully interactive 3D graphical interface.

Measuring of prismatic parts (algorithms certified by the P.T.B. and the N.I.S.T).

Measuring of free-form parts (surface points, edge points, sections, ...) related to any CAD system.

Input CAD file format:


Measuring of profiles and sections.

High speed Scanning and digitizing using SP 600
Graphical off-line programming module and virtual simulation.
Compensation of CMM geometry using 21 parameter error-mapping.
Statistical analysis module.
Powerful reporting capabilities: graphical, text or user-definable (see examples on the right).
Export of results in different format (DMIS, VDAFS, IGES, Excel, ...).
Available in 18 languages: English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Swedish, Portuguese, Czeck, Polish, Hungarian, Korean, Chinese, Japanese, Nederlands, Persian, Brasil, Rumanian and Russian.

New Interfaces for our 3D inspection software:

1/ LEICA TCPIP interface for Metrolog 3D inspection software:

Using EmScon protocol the tracker functionalities are directly accessible from MetrologXG
Utilization of T-Probe System
Utilization of T-SCAN System

2/ FARO Laser tracker Interface
3/ API Laser tracker Interface
4/ Nikon Laser Radar Interface
5/ Creaform Interface (C-Track - HandyProbe)

Our 3D inspection software range provide you the best way for quality measuring
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HIPAX Diagnostic Workstation 2.5.6

Category: custom

HIPAX Diagnostic Workstation  2.5.6

The HIPAX Diagnostic Workstation is a capable software for image acquisition, image processing and viewing, able to cope with very big image series. The HIPAX workstation concept provides an optimal workflow.

The images can be processed while the series is loading – the loading process is carried out in the background, unnoticed by the user and without loss of performance. The different image processing functions can be used in maximum speed even on a very big image series. The multiplanar reconstruction opens additional possibilities for radiologists to evaluate images.

Base Features

DICOM - compatible
extensive configuration options
Suitable for all types of medical images
Image import from DICOMDIR CDs
Hanging Protocol
Parallel processing
Image processing
Paper print
Creating diagnostic documents (DICOM SR, Word) for findings
SQL - based image and patient administration
detailed logging
powerful GDT interface (extended GDT for veterinary physicians)
Can be used as a Workstation as well as a (Medical practice) PACS

Extended Features

DICOM Storage, Send, Query, Email, Worklist
Integration to patient management systems
Receiving images from DICOM modalities
Direct connection to CR/DR systems
Imaging interface to Vidar or Microtek scanners
Video digitizing
Filters to optimize images
Tools for image series, e. g.: 3D, MIP, MP
Measurements: distance, angle, area, density
Mammography - diagnosis, CAD
Interface for Ortho-Planner-Software
Creating Patient CDs manually or using a robot
Online and Offline Archive on CD, DVD und BD
DICOM - Print
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MesoTech MS 1000 Sonar Processing Software

Category: custom

MesoTech MS 1000 Sonar Processing Software

The MS 1000 Sonar Processing Software is a Windows-based application that can be configured to control the complete digital line of Kongsberg Mesotech's single-beam scanning sonar and altimeter products. The software program converts any standard personal computer (PC) into a fully functional sonar processor without the need for additional boards or hardware, and is designed to ensure compliance to reliability, statutory and regulatory requirements.

There are two editions of MS 1000 software, the Express Edition and the Standard Edition. The Express Edition provides basic functions for the Company's sonar heads and does not require a security key for operation. The Standard Edition of MS 1000 software is for customers requiring increased functionality. This version has many advanced features for data interpretation that are beneficial to various underwater applications. Please see the chart below for a complete list of features available in each edition.

3D profiling possible with rotating device
Track Plotter module allows user to plot scanned area, geo-reference targets and create GeoTIFFs
Target tracking
Simultaneous multi-head operation
Coordinate system support – supports local coordinate system for different countries and territories
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Virtual Lab For LVSIM LVVL Version 1.9 Hardlock Dongle

Category: custom

Virtual Lab For LVSIM LVVL Version 1.9 Hardlock Dongle


The Electromechanical Systems Simulation Software (LVSIM®-EMS) is a simulation software that covers the same courseware as the following systems:

• DC and AC Power Circuits Training System, Model 8010-1

• Electromechanical Training System, Model 8010-9

LVSIM-EMS is a web-browser based application available in three different configurations. The simulation software can either be installed locally on a Windows® personal computer (local version), on a Windows server (network version), or accessed directly online through the website at (online version).
Features & Benefits

Replicates the Electromechanical Training System, enabling students to perform actual experiments using virtual equipment
Install, move, and remove EMS modules in and from the workstation
Modify module connections at any time and change the color of wires
Install a timing belt between two EMS machines
Verify module connections using a tool that highlights all wires connected to a same circuit point
Perform measurements of voltage, current, power, speed, torque, impedance, resistance, reactance, and frequency and display the values on digital or analog meters
Record measurements in a data table and plot graphs using the recorded data
Display waveforms on a multi-channel oscilloscope and ac voltages and currents as phasors
Students prepare for laboratories in advance using virtual equipment, thereby decreasing the time they require to perform the exercises using actual equipment
Decreases the quantity of actual equipment required per student
Allows students to practice with EMS equipment operation and connection at home on a personal computer

Topic Coverage

Fundamentals for Electric Power Technology
Alternating Current
Capacitors in AC Circuits
Inductors in AC Circuits
Power, Phasors, and Impedance in AC Circuits
Three-Phase Circuits
Special Transformer Connections
Single- and three-Phase Transformers
Fundamentals for Rotating Machines
DC Motors and Generators
Special Characteristics of DC Motors
AC Induction and Synchronous Motors
Three-Phase Synchronous Generators
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Elias infra-CONVERT Wibu Box Dongle

Category: custom

Elias infra-CONVERT Wibu Box Dongle

infra - CONVERT – drawing-based quality control planning

The ideal software for creating quick and reliable quality control plans (QCP) for FAI or statistical process checks from drawings. With infra - CONVERT you can electronically VDA stamp your drawing (positioning), thereby indexing all the quality-relevant features in drawings.

Being able to automatically extract dimensional data from 2D- CAD drawings avoids potential data entry errors when creating QCPs and also saves a great deal of time. The software allows you to capture individual or multiple dimensions from selected areas of the drawing or all the dimensional information from the latter with just a few mouse clicks.

General tolerances and dimensions for engineering fit can be extracted automatically from tables, avoiding the tedium and possible error when searching and entering each value individually.

For drawings in pdf or graphics format the software provides a rapid input dialogue for entering dimensional data into the QCP.

Stamped drawings can be printed, plotted or published as a pdf file. Additionally, diagrams can be automatically produced for each feature planned for inclusion in a QCP, to aid visualization of the measurement task where it is carried out.

The quality control plan can also be exported in CSV format for simple planning tasks in Excel, and in DFD data transfer format (Q-DAS®).

Almost all CAQ software systems include an interface to infra - CONVERT allowing you to access drawings from your CAQ system and automatically work up a QCP.

It is also possible to transfer the data from a QCP for an existing drawing to the latest version of the drawing. All unchanged feature data is transferred and you only have to enter the data for features that have been changed.

Users testify to savings of up to 70% !

Integration of infra - CONVERT into more than 20 leading CAQ-software systems confirms its status as the application of choice for quality control planning.
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Trimble RealWorks 10 Sentinel Hasp Dongle

Category: custom

Trimble RealWorks 10 Sentinel Hasp Dongle
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Faro Scene 5.5 ( Sentinel Hasp Dongle )

Category: custom

Faro Scene 5.5 ( Sentinel Hasp Dongle )
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Trimble RealWorks 9.1 Sentinel Hasp Dongle

Category: custom

Trimble RealWorks 9.1 Sentinel Hasp Dongle

Trimble RealWorks
Visualize and Extract Compelling Deliverables from 3D Data

Trimble 3D scanning software allows you to integrate 3D point and survey data to Extract measurements, Generate deliverables and Utilize inside 3D CAD software.

Trimble RealWorks Software for 3D Scanning Professionals

Trimble RealWorks is specifically designed for point cloud processing and analysis. The software provides a complete solution to efficiently register, analyze, model and create deliverables using data from virtually any source.

Comprehensive, industry-leading point cloud processing and production software
Automated registration supports both target-based and targetless workflows
Advanced data management can handle large datasets to take full advantage of modern high-speed laser scanners
Support for most standard point cloud file formats
Quickly publish projects for sharing and collaboration
Powerful fitting tools and SketchUp Pro interoperability provide fast, accurate modeling to the point cloud
Application-specific tools such as the Advanced Storage Tank edition streamline modeling and analysis to deliver significant time savings