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SCM WINCUT 12 Sentinel Hasp Dongle

Category: Cad Cam

SCM WINCUT  12 Sentinel Hasp Dongle


Control software for SCM-beamsaws
Attributes (2004)

Automatic mode to run programmes or programme parts
Semi-automatic operation for running up to 4 measures that are inputted by use of a keyboard
Graphical display of cutting patterns
Diagnostic system
Maintenance planning
Production report (production start and end, number of pieces, surface dimensions and solid measures)
Data import in the format Perfect Cut
Languages: Italian, French, English, Spanish, German

User interface: Manager

3D simulation - for three-dimensional representation of the cutting cycle
Graphic editor - aids for creation of cutting plans
Easy Cut, Easy Cut Plus, Easy Cabinet
Cutting plan optimization (Cutty, Cutty Plus, Cutty Office, {Ottimo Perfect Cut;10953)
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