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15-08-2016, 08:34

Hintel Dental Software ( AstraCad ) Hardlock Dongle

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Hintel Dental Software ( AstraCad )  Hardlock Dongle
Hintel Dental Software ( AstraCad )  Hardlock Dongle

Since a number of years, we successfully employ our great know-how in 3D data processing to develop specialized solutions for any problems the field of dental CAD/CAM systems to the benefit of our customers. Thanks to a large pool of 3D data structures and algorithms developed by ourselves, we can accomplish this very efficiently.

Since our foundation in 2001 we were working together with various developers of renowned dental CAD/CAM software systems, and among other things, had to solve the following tasks:
Conduction of feasibility studies for innovative approaches including literature research, comparison of algorithms, estimations of runtime and stability up to the development of a prototype as a basis for further discussions

Development of a complete software chain to calculate a top quality triangle mesh out of various 3D scans of an object (STL scanner, open system)

Development of concrete solutions, which were integrated as libraries in larger software packages, for example:

Detection and correction of preparation margins
Calculation of caps with given margin thickness
Anatomical reduction of crowns and pontics
Calculation of optimal insertion direction, visualisation and correction of undercut areas
Alignment of upper jaw and lower jaw using mushbite or vestibular scans
Fully automated, consecutive alignment of scans done by a handheld intraoral scanner

Präparationen Our modules can be delivered as a stand-alone application including visualization, as a software library for the integration into an existing system, or even as source code. Optionally, we grant exclusive rights for the developments to the customer.

By using parallel algorithms in combination with cache optimized memory access, the advantages of modern multi-core architectures will be fully utilized.

If desired, all methods can be implemented as 64-bit version which is especially useful for handling large mounds of data.

For detailed information about available software tools, see Modules.
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