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  • Date: 28-07-2015, 08:26
28-07-2015, 08:26

M&H 3D Form Inspect Software Smartkey Dongle

Category: Cad Cam

M&H 3D Form Inspect Software  Smartkey Dongle

3D Form Inspect - the proven solution for your success. Measuring and quality control on the machine tool is gaining increasing importance in progressive manufacturing plants. This software enables quick, easy measuring and logging of important geometries and shapes on all sides and with all axes directly on the machine tool. This saves time, provides safety, and enhances quality.

Highest precision

m&h touch probe in conjunction with patented calibration ensures highest accuracy
One-time setting of triggering scatter during calibration
Vector calibration for high demands of speed and accuracy

Meaningful measuring protocols

Graphic representation of measuring results on the screen
Freely configurable display of results
Measuring protocol shown through Excel, Word, or HTML
Interface for linking up to other evaluation programs

Support of 4th and 5th axis

Measuring on all sides of the workpiece and at undercuts or inclined geometries in free space

Correction of kinematic errors on circular and swivelling axes

Maximum precision by patented compensation of swivelling errors
Collection of kinematic errors of the 4th and 5th axes through calibration or actual workpiece
Detected deviations are compensated for during the measuring process

Further functions

Support of cross/star probes
Use and management of several touch probes per measuring task
Management of measuring point groups using different on-screen displays
Touch probe configurator for all measuring tasks
Universal interface to job management system

Best Fit Function

Optimization of deviations in position and location by turning and shifting the workpiece
Can be used for quick fitting of the blank into the best machining position
Quick re-clamping of moulds for repair
Determination of position and zero point defining after measuring
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  • Date: 28-07-2015, 08:15
28-07-2015, 08:15

Kaledo Style V3R3 Technical Fashion Design

Category: Cad Cam

Kaledo Style V3R3 Technical Fashion Design

Learn more about Lectra’s technical design solution, Kaledo Style. Easy-to-use, apparel-specific tools give designers the power to create new styles and carry over bestsellers to achieve reduced development time. Kaledo’s sketching and boarding tools go beyond simple flat sketches to create complete production-ready technical packs and ensure that garments are produced correctly
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  • Date: 28-07-2015, 08:08
28-07-2015, 08:08

SEE Electrical Expert V4

Category: Cad Cam

SEE Electrical Expert V4

The "Concurrent Engineering" module is a powerful solution for multiple designers to work collaboratively on the same project.

• "3D Panel" supports designing electrical installations in 3D and offers a realistic view of equipment and their physical positions as well as space requirements, visualization and collision control.
• From the installation diagram, the "Synoptic" module automatically generates all the terminal strips and cables and updates the schematics.
• The "Harness Documentation" module is an intuitive and easy-to-use tool for designing 2D harnesses and routing the wires and cables in accordance with the schematics.
• Multiple ways to configure machine or electrical installations and to automatically generate a complete electrical project (schematics, terminals, part lists, cable lists, etc.) from:

- an Excel spreadsheet
- CompoData, the IGE+XAO Group software suite to configure more complex systems.

Several communication gateways with other software packages :

- Mechanical CAD (Catia, SolidWorks, Creo, NX, Inventor AutoCAD,etc.),
- PDM (SmartTeam, Windchill, TeamCenter, SolidWorks ePDM…),
- ERP (SAP…),
- or other professional software (PLC, programming, labelling, panel manufacturing, cable cutting, documentation, archiving, cost calculation, etc.) promote the integration of SEE Electrical Expert "Control Package".

• SEE Electrical Expert "Control Package" exchanges information with PLC programming software in order to automatically generate and update Input/Output card layouts. This functionality is particularly optimised for SCHNEIDER Electric’s Unity Pro as SEE Electrical Expert "Control Package" has direct access to the heart of this platform.

• Document exchanges are easy thanks to numerous graphical interfaces (PDF, DXF, DWG, JPEG, TIFF, WMF, etc.). XLS, XML, ASCII, etc. interfaces also supports export or import of data.

• Partnerships with major electrical equipment manufacturers (ABB, Legrand, Eaton - Moeller Electric, Phoenix Contact, Rockwell Automation - Allen Bradley, Schneider Electric, Siemens, Socomec, Wago, Weidmüller…) provide the largest catalogues in the market with more than 700,000 parts.

• 100% unicode, SEE Electrical Expert "Control Package" V4 supports all kinds of alphabets.

A complete environment for an immediately operational business package:

• more than 1,000 electrical standardized symbols (IEC, IEEE,etc.),
• more than 700,000 parts available online through our web server,
• many design templates built in (motor starters with corresponding control part, drives, PLC cards, etc.),
• over one hundred reports templates lists configured which can be customised,
• dozens of part list templates,
• hundreds of working methods available (symbol tagging, wire numbering formats, terminal strip layouts, connectors, cables, management of interconnections, part list templates, terminal and cable lists, XLS and XML export formats…).
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  • Author: vipsoft
  • Date: 28-07-2015, 08:00
28-07-2015, 08:00

Metalix MBend 3.5.148

Category: Cad Cam

Metalix MBend 3.5.148
Metalix MBend 3.5.148

MBend bending program is a comprehensive solution for CNC Press Brakes, facilitating bending of Sheet Metal Parts.

It loads an existing drawing, calculates bending sequence, suggests the tools and back stops to use, and produces the NC program.


Offline programming decreases machine down-time
Achieving reliable programs with fewer experts on-hand
Improved fabrication quality thanks to better production planning
Increased production avoiding costly errors, with Collision Detection
Integration with other Metalix products such ascncKad and MetalixUnfolder
User friendly

What does it do?

Imports parts as a 3D Model or as a 2D DXF
Allows Bend Sequence Selection
Enables Automatic Tool Selection
Allows Automatic Fingerstop Positioning
Runs 3D Bending Simulation with Collision Detection
Generates NC programs in native controller format (Delem, Cybelec, Amada, etc.)
Creates detailed Manufacturing Reports
MBend works with all press brake makes and models and with any controller.

3D simulation

MBend comes with real-time, automatic 3D Simulation, presenting you realistic visualisation of Bending process. The purpose of a simulation is to create an error-free job so that you can output the relevant NC codes or a Bending Report.

The simulation lets you check whether the part collides with the press brake, tool setups, finger-stops, or even with itself. It also checks whether the finger-stops collide with any of the tool setups, and whether the punches collide with the dies.

While simulating you can manipulate the display and see the process from the best angle possible.


Real-time animation
Realistic visualization of bending process
Dynamic collision analysis (e.g. backgauge movement)
Detection of collisions between all moving elements
Operator part handling
Program 100% correct
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  • Date: 17-02-2015, 15:02
17-02-2015, 15:02

Shoemaster 14.03 Hasp SRM Dongle

Category: Cad Cam

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  • Date: 16-02-2015, 12:39
16-02-2015, 12:39

Gps.Opt Optimization 7.62

Category: Cad Cam

Gps.Opt Optimization 7.62

Focusing on wastage results alone reserves GPS.opt the top position in the industry’s software solutions. GPS.opt also allows a seamless integration into the production control software and the associated benefits of using a range of perfect planning tools to layout the cutting schedule. This secures a competitive edge for your company.

In combination with TSO – the first true shape optimizer, GPS.opt increases the potential to save material and therefore money.

With GPS.opt you can decide to use A-racks or harp cars to stack the glass after cutting. The stacking method makes no difference to the system.

The stock plate editor allows the operator to modify the optimization and add new sizes manually or insert remakes to avoid wasteful remnant sheets. Normal optimizers surround shapes with a rectangle to allow breakout, but this increases the wastage enormously. TSO however integrates the shapes together, which reduces the waste significantly. The degree of nesting can be selected using parameters in GPS.opt, but the system automatically generates help cuts to aid the breakout of complex shapes.

“DXF, CAD, CNC”, these technical words are part of the GPS.opt vocabulary. Using these standard interfaces GPS.opt can receive geometric code and convert it into control code to directly run cutting tables, glass loading systems.


Waste Reduction
Easy Order Entry
Integrated CNC Code Converter
DXF Interfaces; Link to the Order Entry (Order Transfer)
Edge Deletion of Stepped Units
Consideration of Grinding Addition
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  • Date: 9-01-2015, 10:12
9-01-2015, 10:12

Metalix CncKad V12 Hasp SRM DONGLE

Category: Cad Cam

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  • Date: 21-11-2014, 09:01
21-11-2014, 09:01

HPO Improvement Optimisation - Schelling Sentinel Hasp SRM Dongle

Category: Cad Cam

HPO Improvement  Optimisation   - Schelling  Sentinel Hasp SRM Dongle

HPO Improvement

Optimisation of the cutting plan is the key element for maximum material usage. In this training module we turn participants into experts in the field. This increases the efficiency of production and viability of the machine.

Parts list entry
Learn how to enter parts lists and how to import data.

Panel entry
Enter boards in the data base or, in the case of boards related to parts lists, in the parts list.

Start optimisation and detect and rectify potential errors.

Find out how to simply export and print the results of the optimisation.

Learn how to send the optimised process to the machine online.
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  • Date: 1-12-2016, 09:05
1-12-2016, 09:05

Imos CAD CAM 3D V 12 Sentinel Hasp Dongle

Category: Cad Cam

Designs of individual pieces of furniture and room planning in line with market requirements can be created in virtually no time and impressively presented. Details or complete part groups can be modified, immediately calculated or displayed according to every individual customer’s wish. At the touch of the button manufacturing lists and CNC data are available. The imos principle is easy and efficient: parts like panels, shelves, frames and fillings are designed from materials, coatings, edges and profiles and to assemble complete custom made furniture on the screen in 3D. Once created, no more manual step for machine manufacturing is necessary. Furthermore, imos also allows the free design of complicated geometry. This is the way to proceed today at a high level of technology.
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  • Date: 1-12-2016, 09:00
1-12-2016, 09:00

Topsolid v7 Sentinel RMS License

Category: Cad Cam

To be or not to be TopSolid? That is the question!

If you are looking for a complete CAD/CAM product to meet your manufacturing requirements - retrieval, modification, creation of geometries, building on know-how, production using any technology, control of operations and machines, publication and organization of technical data - then we have the answer! Unique, efficient, reliable, complete and incredibly productive.

Panasonic, Safran, Legrand, DCNS, GE, Sanyo, Sidel, and thousands of others all over the world have opted to automate and integrate their industrial production by implementing a genuine digital chain that faultlessly links their design, production and management system using the best practices and according to the state of the art. Join us!

TopSolid is a unique blend of innovation and technologies. Mathematics and geometry, mechanics and material science (metal, wood, sheet metal), IT top-quality ergonomics, and process engineering. How refreshing to have all this knowledge in a software package that is comprehensive, easy to use, robust and just natively awesome!

Further information on our "Products" page
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